Stepping In The River

A Greek philosopher named Heraclitus said, you never step into the same river twice. So, I make this bold James River Capital youtube : You never get the same chance twice. You either make a better opportunity or accept a worse opportunity and winning always comes down to beginning and then consistently swimming the river, not just floating on it. Chances are made, not given, and there is always the present to be an opportunist or a completely fearful person. The point is: We take this or we make something better or worse.

I think about the facts of reality, affirmation and the law of attraction. Although we are acting for the future, we are acting in the now, like a boat on the river getting to its destination. We never live the same moment where we are, we are always travelling through time, either floating or directed by ourselves.

I remember this skit on Saturday Night Live called “Astronaut Jones” with this comedian named Tracy Morgan loosely based on the “Star Trek” episodes where a crewman named Ensign Jones or Lieutenant Johnson is sent down the dark corridor to die as the “expendable crewman” by Captain James T. Kirk. My point to this example, we either take the “expendable role” or we rise above it and excel to the point of commanding our situations. After all, here is a different way to look at Captain Kirk: Why do you think he is Captain James Tiberius Kirk the great surviving Captain, and Lieutenant Johnson or Ensign Jones is the “expendable crewman”? Kirk makes himself “great” and “Captain” while Jones or Johnson lets himself without questioning be the “expendable crewman”. The “Astronaut Jones” skit played up this fact so well, that even someone who would not normally get this fact, would definitively get this fact.

Think about authority. What is it really? When we take authority over ourselves and make our own rules genuinely, greatness is said to be within that and usually is. When we blindly follow destructively, our lives mean nothing but a sacrifice completely and it does not matter how “noble” the intentions are. Without thought, life is nothing.

Step into the river and swim for yourself, for if you float like a dead body or a cork, you cannot depend on luck to get you to a good outcome that you genuinely want, even if you do make it by an extreme stroke of luck or chance. To make it where we want, we must swim most of the time and direct things, or else! If we step into the river, we have a responsibility to swim and direct ourselves.

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