Diagnostic Code Scanner Equus Innova 3140 – The Brains of Your Vehicle

The Equus Innova 3140 is essentially an On Board Diagnostics scanner specifically designed to help Harga Kijang Innova to determine where a problem arises. It is widely used to retrieve definitions and diagnostic trouble codes in various languages like English, French or Spanish from the computer of your vehicle.

The Equus Innova quickly reads the check engine light warnings on newer vehicles, on 1996 through on board diagnostic II (OBDII) protocol with Controller Area Network (CAN) and also the earlier (1981 to 1995) OBDI vehicles.

Equus Innova 3140 plays back, records and views live data and freeze frame data. It contains store codes to built-in memory even when the reader remains unplugged. With LED display and exclusive patented all in one display screen the diagnosis is made easier than ever before.

The diagnostic solutions and OBD2 from Innova functions as the ‘brains’ of your vehicle and is present in every car produced in 1996 as well as new vehicles sold in the United States. The product is widely known for its On Board Diagnostics. Whenever any problem occurs with your car, the diagnostic system indicates an error code to pin point the problem in the vehicle.

In the 3140, you can find the patented trilingual interface features with the on-screen code easily understandable definitions. The all in one patented back-lit display show 25 pieces of vital information all at one time, simultaneously thereby eliminating the need of scrolling through various time consuming menus. The System Status LEDs display quick status of emissions readiness and also acts as a continuous link to verify repairs by performing drive cycles. The product also displays SAE enhanced live as well as freeze frame data. It lets the user both record and playback the live data streams. The Innova product performs bi-directional testing with complete coverage from the mode 1 up to mode 9. It contains a memory battery backup for doing the off car review and the analysis.

The special feature of the product is the uniquely patented back-lit all in one screen display that shows all the 25 parameters The system status LEDs show the quick emissions readiness. It is also a continuous link for the performance of drive cycles and to verify repairs. The Definitions and interface in the languages of Spanish, French and English can be selected by pressing menu command.

The Code Reader and Scanner Tool Kit is the best and easiest option to search, read, retrieve as well as troubleshoot various vehicles like OBD2 and OBD1 vehicles. This product is the latest and new addition to the unique and innovative products of Equus diagnostic tools. The special features packed tool and the software kit are specially designed to cater to the needs of many professional technicians. With Equus Innova 3140, you can also do it yourself with the easy and quick access to all diagnostic data essentials regardless whether you are a trained technician.

In conclusion, the Equus Innvoa 3140 OBD scanner is made simple, and yet a very powerful professional diagnostic scanner to suit you and your vehicle(s) – The advantages of it being able to connect with the Internet and hooked up to a personal computer make it an ideal product to help you in solving any vehicle diagnostic issue.

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