3 Domain Registration Nightmares To Avoid

One of the first steps in starting a website is registering a domain name. On the surface that sounds simple enough but there are a few traps that many people fall victim to if they are first timers. As many people already know, there are some slick websites out there that will suck the joy right out of your first venture onto the Internet. Some do it for the money, some just do it because they can.

The first and probably the most common is called Domain Kitting. The way these scheme works is either the website (and some very well know domain registrars) will track what names are searched on and register them immediately if the searcher doesn’t. So if you are doing some research and are checking the availability of names, don’t hesitate and come back later to actually register the name you ended up choosing. If you register it right then and there, this eliminates any chance of someone else doing it and locking up your chosen name. Whenever you find the one you like, hit the buy button right then and there and you won’t come back later and find it gone.

The second most common registration nightmare is not to have the domain registered under your name. This can happen in a number of ways. If you have a webmaster or web designer that you are working with and you let him/her register the name for you under their name. If somewhere down the road you and that web designer split up, your domain is in their name and you might have a problem getting it back. The second scenario is if you sign up at a web hosting company and go for the free Domain Registration Australia. Many web hosting companies offer free registration to entice you to sign up for web hosting. Once again, if you at some point in the future want to move your website, your web hosting company owns the registration, it could cause problems. Saving around $10 now may cost you a lot more in the future.

And the third nightmare is not maintaining a working email address at your domain registrar to get reminded when your registration is about to expire. What often happens is people go in and register for 2 years or more. Then sometime during this period they change their primary email address and never get the notice that it’s time to renew their registration. Then one day their website just disappears. This can cause some really ugly situations since most domain registrars give you some additional time until they remove the domain name. And when this grace period is up, you have to pay much more to get it back. There are also some hoops you may have to jump through to even get it back, depending on the time elements and domain registrar. It’s not pretty and all this time you spend trying to get it straightened out, your website is not showing on the Internet. Having your website down certainly adds to the trouble with your business operations and revenue.

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