Easy Roll on Truck Bed Liner

If you’re looking for a cheap bed liner, it’s hard to beat a roll on bed liner. The finished product looks like it cost far more than it did. It surely does make a truck bed looks better in a hurry. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about this project.

Tip 1: It’s cheap, but it doesn’t look like it is…

The cost to apply bed liner paint is just a small fraction of what a spray on liner will set you back. It looks almost exactly like a professional liner when you get through. It isn’t nearly as thick, but it looks almost the same.

Tip 2: It’s perfect for beaters.

For old trucks, this makes good sense. For a newer truck, spend the money for a professional liner. This is just the thing for an old truck that’s looking sad.

Tip 3: Plasti-Kote it…

We used spray on bedliner -Kote paint. It contains lots of small rubber pieces for texture. After two years of use, the bed liner still looks good. Now it could use some touch-up work, but it stuck perfectly, no peeling, and it still has the glossy black finish.

Tip 4: Get a quart more.

Professional liners use 4 or more gallons of paint. So you want more than the recommended 1 gallon. You’ll need at least an extra quart to cover a full size bed. Getting an extra gallon would be a real plus.

Tip 5: Sand like crazy.

Sand like crazy on the old bed coating to make sure your paint sticks. The coarser the sanding, the better. Putting the paint on couldn’t be easier. Make sure you sand away so the coating sticks for sure.

A roll on bed liner makes your old truck bed look almost like new. It’s not hard to get a professional looking finish.

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