A Drop-In Truck Bed Liner is Better Than a Spray-On Liner

A drop in truck bed liner can take the hardest of use. It’s true a spray on bed liner is often guaranteed. That doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged. It just means the installer will repair it for you. Plastic bed liners are lots cheaper and nearly impossible to damage.

Here’s more…

See, the material used to make most drop in liners is plastic that’s thick and hard and almost impossible to tear or break. Contrast this with spray on bed liners. Look, spray on liners are still paint. It’s tough paint, but it’s still paint. The thick plastic liners do more than just resist damage too.

Really rough hauling sometimes produces dents. Dents are almost worse than scratches. Those dents and dings can easily be touched up or repaired. Often they are there to stay.

Plastic liners spread impact loads over larger areas and prevent all but the very worst dents. Impacts that would dent an unprotected bed or even a spray on bed liner, do spray on bedliner under a plastic liner.

For really hard use, it’s hard to beat a plastic liner. What’s funny is the price is less than half the price of a typical professional spray coating. The look isn’t the same, but the price isn’t either. If money is an option, the plastic liners are worth a closer look.

Now all the plastic bed liners are custom fit. So, you must check to make sure your truck has a fit. Most newer model trucks are covered, but many older trucks aren’t.

A drop in truck bed liner solves several problems. It protects better than a spray on bed liner in many ways. It’s far cheaper too and that may make it a good deal for you…

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