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Everything and experience is now online. This now includes reviews of restaurants, movies, and now doctors. Doctor review sites are nothing new. The problem with doctor review sites is that reviewing a doctor is a little different than reviewing a buy reviews on Yelp or carpet cleaning service.

Some review services have attempted to do this. These review services include yelp, Google +, and vitals. The problem with these sites is that anyone can write a review: both positive or negative. A random person can write a review. Some have attempted to create “filters” to help distinguish a real review. However, there is little data to support the effectiveness of a filter.

Much negative information has been written about sites such as yelp. The reason for this have been many. Some feel yelp reviews are accurate. Others feel yelp reviews may indicate a bias towards posting negative reviews. There is no system around which can distinguish a real from an unreal review… until now.

The state of the art in review sites is verified patient reviews. This means a patient has to be verified in order to be reviewed. But how can a patient be verified as a real genuine patient? Some sophisticated practices have incorporated patients to fill out surveys which are then posted as reviews. This verifies the authenticity of a patient and makes these reviews the new gold standard. An example of this can be seen on patient fusion.

Patient fusion has been around for around one year. Patient fusion is doing what many other EMRs may attempt to incorporate. Since patient fusion is web based it allows for this process of reviewing the physician to be real time and accurate.

While some doctors may grow frustrated being reviewed like a car or piano, reviews are here to stay. However, most feedback from real patients is actually quite encouraging. Most patients like their doctors. The patient feedback is that patients don’t like to wait, want to spend as much time as they need with a physician, and would like to access the physician whenever they would want. Since these wants of patients are not possible, patients can grow frustrated. However, patients who understand medical practices can be happy to understand that practices will continue to get better and excel based on quality and constructive feedback.

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