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Truck Bed Protection

Bedliners are a great choice to protect your valuable truck from scratches and dents. They are by far the best investment for truck bed protection. If you were looking to buy a used truck and the bed is dented, scratched and rust is already setting in would you care if the oil had been changed on a regular basis? If you’re like most people you would figure that if the bed hasn’t been protected then the rest of the truck hasn’t either. Bedliners are recognized in resale price guides as an added-value option meaning a truck dealer will give you more money on a trade if your truck has a bedliner in it than if it doesn’t.

Another value of having some kind of bed protection is in the way you use your truck. With a bare bed you have to wrap stuff up in a blanket or towels to protect your paint from getting scratched. What a pain! This all changes when you get protected, now you just “throw and go” and get on with business and don’t spray on bedliner about your cargo sliding around scratching and denting.

Bed protection comes in many different flavors.

Plastic drop in liners are probably the most popular and they are great for dent protection but they will rub the paint in about a hundred different places just from the vibration coming from the truck when you’re driving unless you have a paint saver type of pad.

Bed mats are absolutely the best “bang for the buck” but they wont give you front and sidewall protection and the tailgate piece is an option. They do give you the protection where you need it most… the floor. A bedmat wont rub the paint, they’re easy on the knees and they’re cheap!

Spray on bed liners are really great if your bed is already scratched up. Spray ons are kinda pricey but you have a choice of colors

and spray ons are a great choice to protect against common chemicals. Independent tests show that Spray-On Bedliners are resistant to most chemicals including chlorine, gasoline, diesel fuel, bleach, and most household solvents.

The new Dualliner is unique in that it gives you the best of both worlds. You have the bed mat on the floor and all its advantages and you also have the front, sides and tailgate protected. Its a great product and they’re shipable!

If you’re going to be using a tonneau cover or a camper shell then you might consider a Bedrug. the Bed Rug fits like a glove. It’s the truck bed liner of the future. Your cargo never slides around in the bed. Truck show quality look and feel. Tough protection for any truck bed. Provides a firm cushion for fragile cargo in the bed and just like the polyurethane liners they are resistant to most chemicals including chlorine, gasoline, diesel fuel, bleach, and most household solvents.

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