National Economic Reform’s: Universal Healthcare

To paint an accurate picture of the state of the union today we have to come to terms that the United States is far cry from being fiscally and economically stable.That being said, America is and has been in a free fall of instability for too long. Our lam bang dai hoc core values have shifted over the past 35 years in that they have completely undermined this nations ability as a whole to prosper. Backward mobility for millions continue to prevent the United States from achieving the success that America had economically following World War II. To actually achieve economic stability, long term financial prosperity, and to ensure our national security it is imperative that the United States pass and implement Universal Health Care for all it’s citizens.

How this is accomplished is by no means an easy task. Our elected officials at every level of government must break away from the special interest groups, the lobbyists, the insurance industry, and their own self absorption by succumbing to the financial pressures for their elections and re-elections. We have to remind ourselves that an educated, informed, and participating public is the only way for democracy as put forth by our founding father’s when they penned the constitution to continue and to flourish. To rid ourselves of the quandary that our elected officials have been allowed to create in our society today We the people must take an active part by educating themselves on the long term consequences this country faces without Universal Health Care.

Projected by the year 2016 the number of Americans without health care will still increase even though the Affordable Health Care Act is in place. Today, there are about 60 million adult that can’t afford any type of health insurance. When it comes to our youth and children the rate of those without adequate health care will also have increased by over 27%. The long term prognosis is that these numbers will continue to grow every year. To continue as we are is catastrophic for the future of the United States. Back in 1988 Senator Edward Kennedy introduced a Universal Health Care proposal based on the English and Canadian systems. A single payer plan similar yet different form the European plans. This plan was a serious step in trying to get every American Health Care coverage. No longer would the United States be held hostage by the bureaucratic way that Medicaid and Medicare are not providing all that is needed to take care of all Americans. If this bill had passed back then this country would not be in such economic peril.

Today, the best way to actually achieve prudent fiscal policies, lasting economic growth, ensuring our own national security, guaranteeing health care for all, restoring Social Security, and bring prosperity to all Americans is to adopt National Economic Reform of which Universal Health Care is a major component. National Economic Reform’s ten Articles of confederation with each one contingent on the others for their success is the direction this country needs to follow now. The magnitude and scope of National Economic Reform is the modern day version of the New Deal and the WPA of the 1930’s. Universal Health Care of National Economic Reform will be the major reason the United States prospers for generations to come.

With more than 300 Billion of Americans tax dollars wasted on our existing health care systems, the growing number of citizens being without health care and now with the increasing rates of insurers to provide employers health coverage for their employees it is time for this country to rid ourselves of the financial disaster that is plaguing the United States. When Congress passed legislation on health care they did so without without Universal Coverage. As it stands this country will never regain the economic security that once enable the United States to be the biggest and most robust economy in the world. Instead with the provisions that are now this Affordable Health Care Act have only only kept employers from expanding and and thus created more underemployment and unemployment in the process. Only through total coverage with a single payer plan will the United State avoid any further decline in the economy, and in fact Universal Health Care will propel this country to economic prosperity for all Americans. The Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 didn’t do any of this. It only exasperated the ongoing problem of no insurance for millions of Americans.

Here are 8 reasons why Universal Health Care is so essential for the future of the United States.

1) The elimination of Medicaid and Medicare will greatly aid in the efficiency of Universal Health Care. Medicaid and Medicare have become so blotted and cost ineffective that these programs have long become so ineffective where Universal Health Care will cover every American with total health care.

2) Funding for Universal Health Care will come from the elimination of Medicare and Medicaid with their budget allotments shifted toward Universal Health Care (the deductions in payrolls that were for Medicare and Medicaid will now be one deduction with about a 10% reduction while the remaining portion of what was originally taken out will now be added to employees gross income).

Medical Marijuana will be taxed at 5%. Just like the Canadians an additional $.05 tax on all alcohol and tobacco will aid in additional funding. A $.02 tax on all non consumable items will be shifted to Universal Health Care. Reforming the nations tax code to a 10% flat tax and put 1% toward Universal Health Care. Establishing a massive public works programs so that the nation unemployment rare reaches under 4% will be a critical link in funding for Universal Health Care. ( Not only with the unemployment rate reduced funding Universal Health Care will increase with each person employed and the nation’s infrastructure will be restored because of the projects that are now being addressed by the government sponsored programs will put more people to work.

3) The elimination of the capital gains tax will spur more economic growth and create more employment in the process.

4) Imposing a cap on all malpractice claims will greatly aid in keeping the funds for Universal Heal Care available with-out liquidating funds to cover malpractice claims.

5) Will provide additional tax revenue to all cities and states whose budgets are failing to provide all the services that are now mandated by law. Which will spur more employment and thus create more revenue for Universal Health Care.

6) The restructuring of our trade agreements so that jobs that were eliminated because of cost constraints will now be reconsidered to hire more Americans and keep our jobs secure. When it is more cost prohibitive to employ people here than it is to import products that used to be made in the United States then we have an obligation to ensure that this situation is rectified.

7) Will help provide more tax revenue to cities and states because of the increase number of those employed. ” The more people with more disposable income to spend and pay down debt is the greatest economic boost any society can have.” This also adds to Universal Health Care funding.

8) In order to provide this nation with more general practitioners student loans will be greatly reduced and in some cases eliminated altogether if individuals practice in areas in the United States that don’t have any or are very under staffed with general doctors. They will serve for two years and after that time they may choose to stay or be free to practice any where in the United States with-out penalty.

With these 8 factors that are all integrated into the success of Universal Health Care the United States can finally achieve the economic stability, ensure the nations health and in doing so will enable every America the opportunity to achieve more prosperity and security. This is why Universal Health Care is so vital for the future of the United States.

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